Songs About ______

by anna sage.

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released April 15, 2014

Cover art photo by Wayne Wilkinson

Produced and mixed by Brian "Bone" Thorburn



all rights reserved


anna sage. Indianapolis, Indiana

Emo/Indie from Indy

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Track Name: Biograph
Stranger stop and wish me well
Just a prayer for my soul in hell
I was a good fellow most people said
Betrayed by a woman all dressed in red
Track Name: Anyway, How Is Your Sex Life?
You'll never know just what you meant to me
But unfortunately, I'll always know what I meant to you
Just like a bird leaves for winter, I feel it's time to go. I've gotten far too cold.
And I'm never coming back.

There's two sides to every story, but only one that's right. I'm sorry I never took your side.

I'd like to apologize for the way that I repressed. It's depressing that you caught me when I was clearly depressed. And that's not your fault. That's not your fault.

You're just a picture on my bed frame. I'm just a picture in your head.
Track Name: Dude, Man, Bro
I guess I'll tell you why we took on all that water
And we sank for days, for weeks, for months and even years
No one found us but we found each other
The only reason I'm still swimming is cause you're here

Was it you that followed me into that forest?
The fog was dense I couldn't make out your face
All around me I heard a resounding laughter
Did you hear me screaming out your name?
Track Name: Crow's Feet
I recall it so well
You just lying in your bed
Watching tv
The same show over and over and over again
It was impossible to look
And even harder to forget
You as white as your bones
Your skin caving in

They say you're in a better place
But I say it must be hard to face the one who made you this way

You had the fear of god in you
You instilled it in me too
And by your bedside
An ornament of a man who died

They say you're in a better place
But I say it must be hard to face the one who made you this way

I smelled that death that ran prominent through the hall
And I watched my dad cry for the first time in his whole life
And I took your hand substituted by a cold metal latch and we walked
And we all took our place in a slew of hugs and handshakes
Cause we realized we might all not survive
And months went by and the flowers by your grave, they died
And so did I
Just a little inside

And when your organs stop expanding
And you feel like caving in
Soul left body abandoned
Lord I'll never feel the same again